Personal Injury


A serious accident can change your life in an instant. The outcome of a split second decision can leave you injured and coping with challenges you are unprepared to handle. Unfortunately, in most cases of serious injury, the physical pain you experience is just one of the concerns you have to cope with. You may be left having to pay medical bills your insurance company refuses to cover. Even worse, your injury may leave you unable to work and therefore unable to pay for your care.

Most people don't realize it can take up to three days or more for some injuries to become evident. In many instances, a claims adjuster will try and contact an injured victim within twenty four hours of an accident to settle on an amount. Unfortunately, people who initially feel fine, accept a settlement offer, only to experience complications later. However, once they've agreed to an offer, the insurer is under no obligation to increase the amount when other injuries become evident, requiring additional medical treatment.

A serious injury can be a life transforming event, often leading to confusion and frustration with insurance companies. We will collect and evaluate information regarding your claim, assist in obtaining payment of your medical bills, recover lost wages, negotiate a settlement and, if necessary, go to trial. We make every effort to keep our clients updated on the status of their claims via email or by promptly returning telephone calls and by being accessible.

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