Drivers License Restoration


If your Michigan driver’s license is suspended, restricted or revoked due to multiple drunk driving offenses, Implied Consent violations (refusal of a breathalyzer test), too many points from traffic tickets, Drug Crime convictions, or any other driving related legal problems, the attorney’s at Great Lakes Legal Team can help you today!

Your Michigan driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, and the Michigan Secretary of State establishes the laws that govern your Michigan driving privileges. Protecting your privilege to drive in Michigan is extremely important because Michigan is predominantly a commuter state, meaning that there is no effective means of mass transportation in Michigan – like subways or trains – that can effectively get you to and from work or school if you do not have a valid Michigan driver’s license.

The process of restoring your driver’s license is involved and complicated, and it is important to present the most compelling case at your hearing possible. Unprepared or ill prepared cases will result in the Judge denying your request and another year must pass before the process for restoration can begin again. Representation by competent counsel is critical to the success of license restoration.

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